Katy Redmon, Hypnotherapist

Katy Redmon

We reach a point in our lives when we feel we truly want to change. We know that change needs to come from inside us, not outside, and we have seen how difficult it can be – even when we want to.



With so many healing methods available, how do you choose which is best for you? To name a few, there is Reiki, massage, NLP, EFT. It may be that you’ve heard of these techniques. You may have tried other techniques and they haven’t touched the source of a problem.

I can tell you about hypnotherapy, the process in which I am trained. In hypnotherapy, you allow yourself to bypass your conscious mind and work with your subconscious mind for your healing. I do not make you do anything you do not want to do; I guide you. There is no laying-on of hands, no massage. There are no physical instruments to use. There is you, who – at your inner core – wants change, and the hypnotherapist who guides you.

If, at your inner core, you want change for the better; feel free to call me and we can talk about hypnotherapy. It may be right for you.

Wishing for you healing and freedom,

Katy Redmon

Redmon Hypnotherapy
Redding, CA 96003